Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did I really want to do this?

Having long thought that people who do this sort of thing without some specific and laudable event to document need to get a life, I find myself in danger of doing "this sort of thing"! Truth is, I started the ball because a friend asked me about blogs, and as my son had used Blogspot to record his trans-Canada bicycle trip I dived in as a learning experience. And here I am.
However, since I do not delude myself that anyone really cares about my personal thoughts, opinions, aspirations, or history, this may well be my first and last post. If I may paraphrase that old billboard slogan: "Don't bother to Watch This Space"! 

1 comment:

  1. It would be a travesty if you did not continue to blog--to share with the world the brilliance of your mind through your writing. Your mind is a vast expanse of knowledge and experiences--some remain untold, I'm certain. Regardless, I will continue to check this site for new posts that will enrich my life and touch my heart. BTW, is the past tense of DIVE "dived" or "dove"?? Just wondering......